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InstantSpeak Chinese 2.7

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InstantSpeak Chinese is a revolutionary and award winning new system for learning Chinese designed by language experts. We guarantee you will speak fluent Chinese after using our proven method or we will give you your money back. The program contains personalized lessons that give special attention to every day language and pronunciation. Users have access to two different speeds of playback for each item. The InstantSpeak method uses a unique audio flash card system that allows you to effortlessly recall what you have learned.

Each lesson simulates a conversation between the user and a native speaker. Users are put in a variety of real world situations and take part in conversations using the most frequently used vocabulary and language patterns.

There is a tremendous emphasis put on pronunciation. Users have access to normal and slow playback speeds for each conversation, sentence, and word.

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InstantSpeak Chinese


InstantSpeak Chinese 2.7

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  • abenmadid

    by abenmadid

    "they get your money then de-activate your account few weeks later"

    was great until they expired my account few weeks after starting the look of it I am not the only one. check th...   More.